Premises Identification

Premises Identification

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A premises is a location where farm animals are kept, assembled or disposed of.

What is premises identification?

The identification of a premises consists of providing information about a specific location (i.e., contact information, location, type of agricultural and agri-food operation on the site, and animal species kept). Once the information has been received and validated by the provincial or territorial government where the premises is located, a unique identification number is provided for this specific location. This premises identification number is then used when reporting the receipt or departure of animals from this premises.

Industry agrees there are four types of premises in the Cattle Implementation Plan

  1. Primary: The primary location of the agricultural operation and its continuous land base
  1. Linked: Locations considered to be animal health units because of the regular movement of animals between them
  1. Co-Mingling: A location where animals from more than one farm of origin are blended (e.g., auction marts, feedlots, assembly yards, buying stations, rest, feed or water sites)
  1. Linked Co-Mingling: A location where animals of more than one farm of origin are grazed concurrently (i.e., public or private community pastures, federal and crown grazing land)

Importance of PID

Premises identification is a way of linking livestock and poultry to land locations and is critical to support disease control activities and for managing animal health emergencies. Having a premises identification number for your operation allows for traceability information to be accessed quickly for the protection of animal health, public health and market access for your industry.

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