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Apr 02, 2021   CLTS Enhancements Update

Dec 18, 2020    CLTS Enhancements Update

Nov 12, 2020    CLTS Enhancements Update

Sep 24, 2020    CLTS Enhancements Update

Jul 8, 2020        CLTS Enhancements Update

Mar 27, 2020  CLTS Enhancements Update

Mar 13, 2019     Sheep - Who We Are

Dec 12, 2018     CCIA Highlights

The following are a collection of articles that are available for your use.

This archive has been compiled from various articles that have been written to provide a better understanding of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, its services, policies and procedures, technical information regarding the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database and upcoming amendments to the Health of Animals Part XV.

These articles can be used AS IS or tailored to your audience.

We only ask that you contact us to let us know when and where the information will be published.

To obtain permission for use or to have the article customized contact:

Patt Evans
CCIA Communications Team Lead

List of articles
Age Verification
CCIA Gift Certificates
Traceability, Tags and Other Resources
Tag Catalogue and Webstore
Why do I need a PID?
Why new traceability regulations and how to prepare?

Oct 26, 2020     CCIA Reader Sale 

Oct 16, 2020     Thanks for Farming Tour

Oct 16, 2020     Approved Tagging Sites

Oct 14, 2020    CCIA Webstore Browser Requirements

May 04, 2020   Announcing the 2020 CCIA Board of Directors

Apr 21, 2020    The Story of Tags

Apr 8, 2020      CCIA proudly presents its 2019 Activity Report

Mar 18, 2020   Covid-19 Update

CFIA Regulatory Updates


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