How the System Works

The Database

The Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database at is a trace-back system that maintains the information associated with each unique, approved animal identification indicator/tag device.

The CLTS database allows regulated parties (i.e., livestock operators) to record information pertaining to the three pillars of traceability as well as value-assurance information (e.g., age verification).

The System Itself

        • CCIA allocates unique identification numbers from the CLTS database to approved manufacturers for the manufacture of approved animal indicators used in the livestock identification program for beef cattle.
        • Approved manufacturers visually and electronically embed each approved CCIA Radio Frequency Identification animal indicator with a unique identification number allocated from the CLTS database.
        • Approved CCIA Radio Frequency Identification animal indicators for beef cattle are distributed to livestock operators through CCIA-authorized retailers across Canada, CCIA’s toll-free order desk at 1-877-909-2333 or online at This national distribution network securely reports all tag issuance records directly to the CLTS database.
        • Livestock operators apply an approved animal indicator to an animal prior to the animal leaving its farm of origin or the premises where it is located.
        • Livestock operators are able to record and report livestock traceability-related data by associating reportable events with the unique identification number of an approved animal indicator that has been issued to the livestock operator’s CLTS database account and applied to an animal. Reportable data includes birth date, move in, move out, imported, exported, retired animal events.
        • Livestock operators and terminal sites must maintain the unique identification number for each animal to the point of export or carcass inspection for traceability purposes.
        • The CLTS database maintains all historical data that has been associated with the unique identification number for each approved animal indicator. This data may be accessed by the CLTS account holder as needed, or authorized Canadian Food Inspection Agency personnel in an emergency situation only.


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