How industry's early adopters can prepare

How industry’s early adopters can prepare



    • Confirm or obtain a valid premises identification number from a regional PID registry.
    • Begin to complete a movement document and ensure it accompanies livestock leaving your premises or send a copy to the destination premises on a voluntary basis.
    • Login to Canadian Livestock Tracking System database account to ensure emergency contact information is current and a valid PID is entered. Take 10 minutes to become familiar with the account layout, operations and navigation.
    • Begin to report receipt (move in) of animals with source site PID and time of loading on a voluntary basis.
    • Begin to report departure (move out) of animals into community pasture or crown grazing land on a voluntary basis.
    • Explore the CLTS Resource Centre’s user manual, templates and video tutorials or contact us directly for complimentary, one-on-one training and technical support.
    • Learn more about Canada’s Livestock Identification and Traceability Program requirements for livestock producers


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