Current and Proposed Regulations


Current Regulations

Over the last decade, industry and government representatives have been working together to develop strategies and action plans for moving livestock traceability initiatives forward in Canada. This has resulted in regulatory requirements for identifying and reporting the slaughter of cattle, bison, sheep and pigs, as well as reporting the movement of pigs.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency outlines the requirements for the identification of cattle, bison and sheep as defined in the Health of Animals Regulations

Proposed Regulations

Consultations with industry and provinces identified some gaps and opportunities to improve the livestock traceability system in Canada. Feedback received set the foundation for changes being proposed to the Regulations. The objective of the proposed regulatory amendments is to address the gaps previously identified during consultations in 2013 and 2015. The proposed regulatory amendments will be published in Part I of the Canada Gazette followed by a 90-day comment period. After which, CFIA will review industry’s comments and publish the finalized regulations in Part II of the Canada Gazette, which is when proposed regulations would come into force.

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