Radio Frequency Identification Technology & CLTS


    • CCIA allocates unique identification numbers from the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database to approved animal indicator/tag manufacturers for the manufacture of approved animal tags used in the livestock identification program.


    • Approved manufacturers program each approved CCIA RFID animal tag with a unique identification number allocated from the CLTS database. Each animal tag has a transponder which consists of an encoded chip and antenna in the female portion of the device. Each tag also has a male, back-stud pin that is used to couple the device like interlocking puzzle pieces.


    • The transponder charges when it is within range of a reader’s electromagnetic waves. When the cycle is complete, the transponder transmits data (e.g. the embedded unique identification number) to the reader, which in turn receives the data or “response” from the transponder – “reading” the unique, embedded identification number.


    • It is important to note, approved CCIA RFID animal tags are passive devices designed to function without internal power. These devices have the capacity to perform for the lifetime of an animal when retained.




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