Terminal Sites

Terminal sites refer to premises where livestock are slaughtered, condemned or die for any reason. Terminal sites are required to identify the carcasses of livestock at their premises, keep a record of the identification number(s) of the approved animal indicators on any animals that are slaughtered, condemned or die for any reason on their site, keep a record of enough information to enable the origin to be traced on any bison, cattle or sheep carcasses not bearing an approved animal indicator at their premises, and ensure that bison, cattle and sheep carcasses transported of their site are identified with an approved animal indicator, and to identify those carcasses with an approved animal indicator if the animal does not already bear one if transported off-site.

Terminal sites include:

  • Abattoirs (stationary and mobile)
  • Packers
  • Dead stock operators
  • Rendering plants
  • Post-mortem laboratories


Overview of requirements for terminal sites

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