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Third Party

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Learn more about the general requirements for livestock identification and traceability from Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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Proposed livestock traceability regulatory amendments indicate all livestock sites will need a valid PID number to record and report animal movement events in the near future. Learn more about how industry’s early adopters can prepare.

Learn how to submit reportable events using our full array of CLTS database user instructions, video tutorials and templates.

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The mapped location information is provided for your convenience only.  The data used to map each Third Party is provided by the Third Party and CCIA publishes it “as is.” CCIA makes no representation or warranty relating to this information and CCIA is not obligated to provide any updates of any changes in information to anyone who may have accessed the list prior to the changes being made. CCIA recommends that you confirm the location information and the services provided with the Third Party directly before proceeding to any location.

Learn more about requirements for intermediates site from Canadian Food Inspection Agency.