Tagging Sites

Tagging Sites

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It is prohibited to transport cattle and bison that do not bear an approved animal indicator unless they are sent to a tagging site. Cattle and bison may be moved to an approved tagging site in order to be safely identified with an approved tag. Tagging sites do not apply to sheep (or pigs).  Tagging sites may NOT be abattoirs or any site that disposes of carcasses. The Tagging Site List includes all tagging sites in Canada that have self-identified and self-declared that they are in fact a tagging site and that they meet and will comply with the requirements under section 183 of the Health of Animals Regulations by reviewing, completing and returning the Tagging Site Declaration Form EN or Tagging Site Declaration Form FR to Canadian Cattle Identification Agency. The Tagging Site Declaration form provides written authorization indicating the site meets Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulatory requirements. This list will be updated and posted on a regular basis.

The list is published for use in accordance with section 183 of the Health of Animals Regulations (C.R.C., c. 296). Such information is provided by the Tagging Site and CCIA publishes it “as is.” CCIA makes no representation or warranty relating to this information and CCIA is not obligated to provide any updates of any changes in information to anyone who may have accessed the list prior to the changes being made. Provision of this information to any person does not constitute or imply an endorsement by CCIA of any of the products or services provided by any person or business set out on this list.

 Tagging Site Declaration Form EN                           Tagging Site Declaration Form FR

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