Tag Retailers

Tag Retailers

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Contact CCIA’s Tag Dealer Registrar at tags@canadaid.ca

Approved CCIA animal indicators for beef cattle are distributed to livestock operators through CCIA-authorized retailers across Canada, CCIA’s toll-free order desk at 1-877-909-2333 or online at tags.canadaid.ca. This national distribution network securely reports all tag issuance records directly to the CLTS database.

Our approved retailers play an important role in delivering information and approved animal indicators into the hands of Canadian livestock operators. Canadian Cattle Identification Agency requires retailers that operate in a professional manner and can communicate information about CCIA, the national identification program, approved animal indicators and traceability initiatives to their customers. Additionally, CCIA require retailers that are dedicated to complying with the regulatory scheme surrounding the animal identification program, and are willing and able to meet their contractual and legal obligations.

Approved retailers of approved animal indicators must report issued events to the CLTS database to indicate approved animal indicators were sold to livestock operators within 24 hours of purchase. Approved retailers must also report returned events to the CLTS database to indicate approved animal indicator identification numbers have been returned to a distributor or manufacturer (from a livestock operator, retailer or distributor).

Learn how to submit reportable events using our full array of CLTS database user instructions, video tutorials and templates.

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How to purchase approved animal indicators for beef

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