Intermediate Sites


Intermediate sites refer to co-mingling premises where animals from more than one herd of origin are freely blended due to the physical structure of the site or the nature of the business operation conducted there. Industry’s Cattle Implementation Plan describes different categories of intermediate sites:


Category A Feedlots
Category B i 4-H clubs
Category B ii Veterinary clinics
Artificial insemination units
Pathology laboratories
Quarantine facilities
Research facilities
Test stations
Category C Auction marts
Assembly yards
Buying stations
Electronic sales (includes export centres)
Tagging sites
Category D Rest, feed or water sites
Airports (in transit)
Conveyance points


Intermediate sites can also include linked co-mingling premises where animals from more than one farm of origin are grazed concurrently, including:

LINKED CO-MINGLING PREMISES Community pastures – public or private Federal and crown grazing land


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