• Confirm or obtain a valid premises identification number from a regional PID registry.
    • Login to Canadian Livestock Tracking System database account to ensure emergency contact information is current and a valid PID is entered. Take 10 minutes to become familiar with the account layout, operations and navigation.
    • Collect movement documents for all livestock deliveries
    • Begin to report receipt (move in) of animals with the source site’s PID and time of loading on a voluntary basis.
    • Complete a movement document for all livestock purchased at an auction OR livestock leaving the premises
      (i.e., identify where the livestock was purchased by recording the source site’s PID on the movement document) The receiver will be responsible to report the arrival/receipt (move in) of livestock.
    • Ensure the movement document accompanies the departing livestock or is forwarded to the next destination/premises.
    • Begin to report departure (move out) of animals into community pasture or crown grazing land, on a voluntary basis.
    • Learn more about Canada’s Livestock Identification and Traceability Program requirements for intermediate sites

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