Dealers Insights

Dealers Insights

posted October 2021


CCIA URL updated to

Last year, CCIA updated our URL to If you come across a non-working page, it is likely because your bookmarks have not been updated with our new URL. Please update to avoid any future issues.


Keep your client contact information up to date

It is important to collect current contact information from the purchaser EACH TIME a tag sale is made, as per your dealer agreement, and to verify that the information matches their account in the CLTS.

The screenshot below demonstrates how you can easily provide updates via the CLTS while on the search Account results screen, click the check mark shown below, entering the new information in the pop-up box, then clicking “Yes, send email”.


Transaction errors

– what you need to know

It is important to check your transactions following their submission to ensure the data processed successfully. Your latest five transactions appear on your home page.

If there is a green check mark, your submission was successful. If there is a red X, there is an error and you need to check the error message. Instructions can be found here: Account User Management/Transaction Status

Correct and resubmit the information. If the error message is not clear, give us a call and we can help you out.


Improved Destron eTag




The Destron DMR RFID tag is an upgraded and improved version of the Destron eTag. The tag features the same stud and electronics inside, improvements include a fully molded outer tag housing and an improved tag locking mechanism for greater retention, as well as a new package design.




See price list below….



Friendly reminders…

Why do we continually ask you to Issue tags for the DATE THEY WERE SOLD?

Tags can be put into animals’ ears immediately following purchase and animal events could be submitted for the tag on the same day – but they will FAIL if the tag has not been Issued by the Dealer. Dealers are the frontline of traceability. Without the correct information we do not have accurate traceability.



The CCIA PID card has been updated!

Please do not distribute the old PID cards you have on hand as they have outdated contact information. If you would like NEW PID cards please contact CCIA at  Click here for a print version of the NEW PID card for you to post and distribute.


Keep your client information up to date
Transaction errors – what you need to know
See price list below…
The CCID PID Card has been updated

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