CLTS Support

CLTS Support

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency offers complimentary livestock traceability support services and one-on-one training to livestock operators and agri-businesses through a highly-specialized, technical support team. Their role is to educate and assist industry members with managing their Canadian Livestock Tracking System database accounts and meeting Canada’s livestock identification and traceability program initiatives, including:

      • Account information updates
      • Animal identification
      • Age verification
      • Premises identification
      • Import
      • Export and other
      • Animal movement event reporting
      • CCIA Webstore


Contact us for your complimentary support services by toll-free telephone at 1-877-909-2333 and email at

Learn how to submit reportable events using our full array of CLTS database user instructions, video tutorials and templates.

Simplify your Canadian Livestock Tracking System experience with CCIA’s online Resource Centre (CRC).

Reduce your wait time by using CLTS Lite, which is a dial-up friendly version of the CLTS database.

Access the CLTS database using your mobile device by downloading CLTS MOBO, which is a mobile version of the CLTS database designed for use on Apple iPhones and Android devices.

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