The Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS)

The Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) is a national database created for livestock producers, and other stakeholders in the Canadian meat production chain, to record the information from their animal’s individual RFID tag. Once a tag is scanned then the data moves to the appropriate account within the CLTS. Account holders are able to report important information to the database such as animal identification, premises identification and movement of the animal.

The CCIA manages the database which helps keep track of all the livestock in Canada to which the CCIA is the Responsible Administrator for purposes of health and safety within the food chain, and that of the animal, and ensures the unique history of each animal can be traced from farm to abattoir, creating a successful traceability system in Canada.

The CCIA provides support to livestock industry parties through the provision of a dedicated Client Support Team, and through a comprehensive set of resources that are available 24/7 at the CLTS Resource Centre.

Below are series of quick links for accessing the CLTS, CLTS Lite (a low graphics version of the CLTS), CLTS MOBO (the mobile version of CLTS), and the CLTS Resource Centre:




CLTS Resource Centre

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