Cargill Chain of Custody

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is thrilled to be providing the chain of custody verification for Cargill’s Certified Sustainable Beef Program under Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef’s (CRSB)  Certified Sustainable Beef Framework (CSBF).

Canadian beef producers audited to the CRSB’s CSBF will have more than one way to report cattle birthdates and movements through their certified operations, meaning more opportunity for these cattle to ultimately get recognized as being sustainably sourced (and earn credit payments from Cargill and our customers).  The intent is to create more options for beef operations who want to get involved, so that individual producers can participate in the manner that works best for them.

Specifically, Cargill and the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) have entered into a service agreement that will enable all ear tag birthdates and movements recorded in CCIA’s Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database to be recognized when confirming eligibility of cattle harvested at either of Cargill’s two Canadian abattoirs, irrespective of how that data was entered into the CLTS database.

In this new arrangement, Cargill will receive sustainability qualification status directly from CCIA for all processed ear tags of age-verified cattle (with the specific movement data used to determine this status remaining confidential).

NOTE: If you are currently using a third party to submit your birth date or movement data, ensure that they are forwarding all the appropriate information to the CLTS database.

If you require assistance with data submission to the CLTS, such as Age Verification (birthdates) and/or animal move-in/moveout, step-by-step instructions can be found in the CLTS Resource Centre or you can contact our team at 1-877-909-2333 or

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Producers and Feedlot Operators with questions can reach out to their Cargill cattle buyer, their certification body, or CCIA for more information.

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