CCIA Board of Directors

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is led by a Board of Directors representing 15 livestock organizations across Canada, including: livestock producers, auction markets, livestock dealers, feedlots, veterinarians and processors. The CCIA is an independent organization, and a Responsible Administrator of traceability for beef cattle, bison, sheep, and pending regulation goats and cervids.

The CCIA Executive Committee is as follows:

Chair Howard Bekkering, Alberta Beef Producers
Vice Chair Ivan Johnson, Maritime Beef Producers
Finance Chair Dr. Oliver Schunicht, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Executive Member Duncan Barnett, British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association
Executive Member Ken Perlich, Livestock Markets Association of Canada
Past Chair Lyle Miller, Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association

The Board of Directors are responsible for strategic initiatives, evaluating financial performance, providing guidance and upholding the CCIA’s role as leaders in national traceability. Each year the CCIA publishes an Annual Activity Report which is available online here.

The CCIA’s committee structure provides strong and engaging on the ground support from its Board Members. Committee chairs include Howard Bekkering, Technical Advisory Committee; Dr. Oliver Schunicht, Finance and Audit; Duncan Barnett, Board Governance and Development; Ken Perlich, Human Resources; and Ivan Johnson, Communications.

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