Canadian Cattle Identification Agency

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is an industry-initiated, not-for-profit organization incorporated to establish a national livestock identification program and traceability initiatives to support efficient trace back and containment of serious animal health and food safety concerns in the Canadian livestock industry. CCIA is led by a board of directors representing 16 livestock organizations across Canada, including: livestock producers, auction markets, livestock dealers, feedlots, veterinarians and processors.



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Three Pillars of Traceability

A fully-functional traceability systems is based on three pillars: animal identification, premises identification and animal movement. To track an animal and facilitate a fully-functional, national traceability system, every livestock premises must have a valid, premises identification (PID) number in order to report animal movement (e.g., move in, move out, sighted, imported, exported and temporary export events).


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Animal Identification

Animal identification – Associating a unique animal identification number to an animal (e.g., applying an approved animal indicator to an animal)


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Premises Identification

Premises identification – Assigning a unique identification number to a physical land location (i.e., legal land description or geo-referenced coordinates) by a provincial/territorial premises registry)


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Animal Movement

Animal movement – Recording the change in location (i.e., from one unique premises to another unique premises) of a uniquely-identified animal at a specified time/date)


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CLTS Statistics

Age Verification

Valid Premises IDs

Move In

Move Out