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Press Releases:

CCIA Announces Newly Approved Beef ID  (02/06/18)
CCIA to Become Responsible Administrator for Goats  (09/27/17)
CCIA Releases Tag Retention Project Final Report  (01/31/17)
CCIA Announces Traceability Symposium 2016   (07/18/16)
CCIA boosts reporting processes   (05/10/16)
CCIA Customizes Tag Web Store for Limousin   (05/04/16)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors 2016/2017   (04/15/16)
CCIA Releases Tag Retention Project Mature Cow Preliminary Findings   (01/08/16)
CCIA Enhances Animal Import, Movement and Birth Date Reporting Processes   (11/20/15)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors  (05/12/15)
CCIA Announces New General Manager  (05/06/15)
CCIA Announces Tag Retention Project Preliminary Findings  (08/28/14)
CCIA Enhances Complimentary Services for Producers  (07/31/14)
CCIA Supports Tagging Sites to Confirm Tagging Site Status  (06/24/14)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors 2014/2015  (04/25/14)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors 2013/2014  (05/03/13)
CCIA Launches National PID Look Up  (04/05/13)
CCIA Enhances Process for Animal Movement Reporting  (04/05/13)
Harper Government Invests in New National Traceability Service  (07/13/12)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors  (04/26/12)
CCIA Releases AMR Phase Two-B Results  (04/11/12)
CCIA Releases AMR Phase Two Results  (12/02/11)
CCIA Announces Communications Refresh  (05/04/11)
CCIA Announces New Board of Directors  (04/12/11)
CCIA Applauds Federal Funding  (01/24/11)
Federal Announcement of Investment for Livestock Traceability System  (01/05/11)
New Saskatchewan Field Rep  (01/05/11)
Call Centre Hours  (11/23/10)
CCIA Extended Hours  (10/01/10)
CCIA Expands Online User Support  (09/14/10)
CCIA Hires New GM  (08/31/10)
CLTS MOBO Application  (08/26/10)
Governments of Canada and Alberta provide more than $2 million to CCIA  (08/05/10)
CCIA Expands Bilingual Resources  (07/26/10)
CFIA Notice to Industry – Bar-coded tags  (07/01/10)
Key Findings  (06/01/10)
National Applied Research Project - Phase One  (06/01/10)
RFID Tagging Requirements - Backgrounder  (05/28/10)
RFID Tagging Requirements  (05/28/10)
CCIA Elects New Chair  (04/14/10)
CLTS Lite Press Release  (04/05/10)
CCIA Office Opening in Saskatchewan  (01/19/10)
CCIA Expands Services  (12/30/09)
Auction Market Research Release  (10/26/09)
CCIA New Technology Investigator  (10/15/09)
CCIA Approved Tags  (09/02/09)
CCIA News Release  (07/14/09)
CCIA Statement on OnTrace/ATQ Announcement  (04/09/08)

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