The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is a non-profit, industry led organization established to promote and protect animal health and food safety concerns in the Canadian cattle herd.
  CCIA Releases Tag Retention Project Mature Cow Preliminary Findings
  Tagging Site List as of January 29, 2015
  CCIA Enhances Animal Import, Movement and Birth Date Reporting Processes
  CCIA Announces New Head Office Location
  Annual Report 2014
  CCIA Announces New Board of Directors
  CCIA Announces New General Manager
  CCIA Announces Tag Retention Project Preliminary Findings
  CCIA Enhances Complimentary Services for Producers
  Cattle Implementation Plan as of 2014-07-10
     – Cattle Implementation Plan – abridged version
  CCIA Supports Tagging Sites to Confirm Tagging Site Status
  Traceability Industry-Government Advisory Committee – From development to implementation communiqué July 2013
  CCIA Launches National PID Look Up
  CCIA Enhances Process for Animal Movement Reporting
  CCIA Releases CLTS Premises ID Update
  Harper Government Invests in New National Traceability Service
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